The compulsion to reveal highly personal information, or provide more details then what is culturally "normal".


Example: "Good news, Guys! It turns out that I don’t have genital warts after all - I just have to wipe better!"


Used in a Sentence: "Thanks for oversharing, Jenny. I didn't know that I could get my pubic hair waxed into a perfect replica of Notre Dam until you showed me."


The OverShare Show: Life is too short to be caught up in convention. Let’s not spend our days talking about the weather – unless it is about how global warming is going to kill us all in a fiery agonizing death of plagues and catastrophe. Let’s share who we really are and what we really think.



Toni Nagy

Toni Nagy writes for Huffington Post , Salon , Hairpin, Alternet , Yoga Dork , Do You Yoga , and her own blog Toni Bologna. She also writes many text messages and responds to most emails. Toni lives in New Hampshire where she is raising hell, and her daughter. Email me at tonibologna.com (at) gmail.com

Grace Aldrich

Grace Aldrich is a mother, massage therapist, and lover of renaissance festivals. And guacamole... she likes that too... She currently resides in beautiful New Hampshire where she is trying to keep Dr. King`s vision of integration alive. Grace is also a singer for the Tara Greenblatt band.

Bunmi Laditan

Bunmi Laditan is a mom, writer and WOMAN. She spends most of her time correcting her own fuckups and wanted to be an FBI agent for a long time. She contributes to sites like Parenting.com and The Huffington Post. Bunmi lives with her family outside of Montreal. She is the writer of The Honest Toddler: A Child`s Guide to Parenting.

Gita Drury

Over the last fifteen years, Gita has worked extensively to engage people (with a focus on youth) in progressive social change initiatives and charitable giving. Most recently, Gita worked at ImpactAssets, GIVE of Spend.Grow.Give.com , and TILE Financial. She co-founded the “Making Money Make Change” conference, and the Active Element Foundation, the organization and conference “Critical Resistance: Beyond the Prison Industrial Complex” as well as Damien Echols` Legal Defense Fund of the West Memphis Three.

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