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Billy Wimsatt

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:04:24 — 88.5MB) Have you noticed that we live in a trashcan of a world that is headed for an apocalyptic collapse? Do you sometimes feel powerless and impotent because you don’t know what to do? What if raising our children to have a revolutionary spirit is one of our greatest opportunities …

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Jennifer Baumgardner

Podcast: Download (Duration: 29:24 — 33.6MB) In today’s episode I talk to Jennifer Baumgardner about raising our children with feminist values. I know that when you think of feminists you may picture a man-hating woman braiding her armpit hair, but that is exactly the preconception we address! Feminism is a value system, and it is this moral …

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Tanya Selvaratnam

Podcast: Download (Duration: 42:50 — 49.0MB) In today’s episode I interview author Tanya Selvaratnam who recently wrote the book “The Big Lie; Motherhood, Feminism, and the Reality of the Biological Clock.” We explore the question “can women have it all?” and how many might be waiting too long to have babies while staring out the window of …

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Podcast: Download (Duration: 36:00 — 41.2MB) You would think that breastfeeding is easy considering most of us have put our boobs in someone’s mouth at one point or another. Just because the mechanics seem obvious, it doesn’t mean breastfeeding is free of complications. We all can’t look like Madonna and child, especially because those pointy …

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Natural Birth

Babies Au Natural

Podcast: Download (Duration: 54:19 — 12.4MB) Hey, there is something coming out of my vagina, and it’s a human! This episode I focus on the topic of natural childbirth. To have a “natural” birth, you don’t necessarily have to spurt out your baby in a yurt, adorned with Tibetan flags, and surrounded by candlelight while …

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