Doomed to Repeat?

May 22, 2014 Written by Grace Aldrich - No Comments

Grace's Thumb

I try and find the underlying message or lesson in every mistake I make.  We all know mistakes can be incredibly valuable gifts in that way.  Unfortunately, there are some that don’t readily reveal their enlightening nugget of wisdom.

I recently slammed my thumb in a car door.  Obvious mistake.  But other than, “!@&*$#!!, don’t do that again!!” I haven’t siphoned much wisdom.  For the last few weeks I wake up in the morning and take a few seconds to stare at my ever-changing damaged nail.  Its like my own miniature disgusting sunset.  I gaze at it in hopes it will trigger a “eureka” moment and unveil a secret of the universe.  “Man oh man, that seriously hurt”, is all that has come to mind.  Well, that and the fictional account  of me injuring myself during a high stakes MMA style extreme thumb wrestling battle.  Because closing your thumb in a car door is a lame story.