Finding individualism within my tribe

June 11, 2014 Written by Toni Nagy - No Comments

Humans are social animals. That is why solitary confinement is the worst form of punishment we inflict on prisoners. People would rather hang out with a bunch of criminals, avoiding gang rape and race wars, than be alone without human contact for an extended period of time. We crave community and connection like candy because it give meaning to our lives, and makes us feel complete.

Yet we also live in a culture that celebrates individuality. We strive to be special, unique, irreplaceable, distinctive, and not redundant. Within this desire to feel like we belong, is an equal urge to stand out and feel special. Which is exactly why I started a Facebook group for people who don’t like groups.

Even for those who desperately crave a distinct expression of self, it is incredibly scary to feel alienated from others. We are at our most vulnerable when we are marginalized and misunderstood. The feeling that that people don’t accept you is paralyzing.

But let’s face it. We are born alone. We die alone. Our pain, love, sorrow, and joy is all experienced through this solitary lens of the psyche. Yet we are also a part of a collective consciousness – this intangible web that unites us in the quantum field. So within this existential crisis of loneliness, is this commonality we all share – as alone as we are, we are also not alone in our aloneness.

So that is why finding your tribe is so important! To bond with those you can share your true self with, and feel uninhibited while doing so.

In this week’s OverShare Show episode we talk to Ana Matronic – one of the lead singers of the musical group The Scissor Sisters. This band has become a global phenomenon, and has fans so loyal they have even formed a religion and sexual orientation around its main diva, Ana. The Scissor Sisters has always embraced individuality, creativity, theatrics, and the freaky deakys of society. We travel through Ana’s journey of self, the quest to find her tribe, and the crazy ride she went on once she got on the train to the abyss.