Politics Make Me Want to Cry in the Shower

November 5, 2014 Written by overshareshow - No Comments

I wouldn’t wish my worldview on anyone. It is not only pessimistic, but also laden with conspiracy theories, sprinkled with nihilism, and topped off with a confused notion on cultural Marxism. My basic assumption is that corporate interests corrupt all mainstream news sources, and independent media is diluted through unlimited platforms of disinformation. Political policy will forever be overshadowed by the needs of Wall Street, and no matter who comes into power they will eventually become neutered by the ruling elite whose agenda if not only self serving, but ultimately globally destructive.

You are welcome!!!

I feel hopeless because I feel lied to. Yet even if everyone knew the exact truth of every bureaucratic discretion ever made, I am not even sure we would do that much different? Even though we all know how monumentally fucked everything is, there is still vast convenience and comfort that supersedes the agony of the exploited. The information is out there for us to seek, but it is too painful to pull back the veil and look at the ugliness of systemic depravity. So instead cherry pick the narrative to live with ourselves.

You guys I am sorry!!

But you know what? That is why I wanted to interview Laura Dawn about her political viewpoint. She is not only pragmatic, but she is also hopeful. Her prevailing thinking is that participation is the answer. I can’t just be like an ostridge with my head in the sand and my ass in the air – that is a very unflattering position! Even when we feel fatalistic, that is not an excuse to run away and hide – but rather get in the trenches and at least try to make a difference.