Skeletons in Your Closet… and old shoes, and those magazines

December 16, 2014 Written by overshareshow - No Comments

It is hard to throw shit away. We want to hang onto stuff, because physical objects connect us to our past. Who am I if I get rid of my 7th grade science notes?

No matter how much crap we hang onto, we can never travel backwards in time. Unless you have a Delorean and “fluxcapacitor” – then go on with your bad self. The nostalgia is seductive because everything in the past seems sweeter than the present. Even if you didn’t have the best time at the ‘96 Phish show because you took too much acid, puked on your crush, and then lost one shoe in a Leprechaun’s mouth – you still want to keep the tickets because man wasn’t that fun!

Think of all things you have, that are things you are totally going to do… just tomorrow. I need that entire 5 pound bag of yarn because I am going to learn to knit – soon!!! So much of our stuff either embodies the past or symbolizes the future – but it also distracts us from the present.

That is why I wanted to interview the Buddhist personal organizer Michelle. Not only does she have crazy stories about her career going through the closets of the rich and famous of New York city, but she also has a fascinating perspective of the meta meaning of all that stuff! If the root of all suffering is attachment, maybe it is time to say goodbye to my “Sound of Music” VHS tape!