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I wanna be a star! If you are a precocious kid who likes attention, you might fantasize about living your life in the spotlight of Hollywood. I remember watching “Star Search” and thinking to myself… “I could do that!” If only I could sing, act, dance whatever. But I had the right disposition – despite …

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The Open Marriage

Desire is fickle. Lust fades. Yet we exist in a paradigm of long-term monogamous relationships. Marriage and sexual fidelity are the social norm. Most people are too afraid to admit they are attracted to someone else while married. It isn’t discussed openly, and as a result, millions of marriages have ended in divorce because of …

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Almost every woman who has ever been in a public space has been sexually harassed. I have yet to meet a female who doesn’t have multiple stories that range from cat calling, to violent rape. Yet even though this attention is not asked for, we are often supposed to consider it a compliment when someone …

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It is hard to throw shit away. We want to hang onto stuff, because physical objects connect us to our past. Who am I if I get rid of my 7th grade science notes? No matter how much crap we hang onto, we can never travel backwards in time. Unless you have a Delorean and …

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The Hilarity Of Technology

The comedy of technology is that the vast majority of its users have NO idea how it even works!! I can’t even explain how a toaster toasts let alone the complexity of nanobots. My understanding of the inner mechanisms of my phone is juvenile, yet my addiction to it is extreme. Humanity has created a …

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I wouldn’t wish my worldview on anyone. It is not only pessimistic, but also laden with conspiracy theories, sprinkled with nihilism, and topped off with a confused notion on cultural Marxism. My basic assumption is that corporate interests corrupt all mainstream news sources, and independent media is diluted through unlimited platforms of disinformation. Political policy …

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The Haze of Hazing

Modern American culture does not have any initiations into adulthood. We have no rites of passage to prepare our youth for the transition of becoming a man/woman. There are some religious ceremonies that mark this transition, but as a society we don’t have a common ritual to punctuate this moment in our personal evolution. I …

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Addicted To Love

Even though Robert Palmer made is seem super swanky to be addicted to love, with all those interchangeable women wiggling around while playing air guitar, it is probably a bit more complicated than wearing sweet shades and bopping pseudo-rhythmically to the beat. In a way I feel like we are all co-dependent love/sex addicts, but …

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Deep Throating Your Foot

The first time I heard about censorship was when I was 8-years old, and my mom gave me an NWA tape so I could “learn about politics.” She explained that Tipper Gore was heading a campaign to censor rap music, and something about this being a continuation of the war on art – just how …

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If you are a mother, there is going to be an underlying texture of guilt no matter what decisions you make. Unless you are a completely well adjusted woman who is impervious to the judgments of others, societal pressures will take its toll. If you work you are abandoning your child, if you stay at …

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