The Harm in Asking with Sara Barron

April 22, 2014 Written by overshareshow - No Comments

This is a stalking success story. Once upon a time, Toni read an amazing book called “People Are Unappealing”, which filled her with such inner joy that she was compelled to stalk the author – Sara Barron. Sara has written a new book called “The Harm in Asking” which is equally parts charming, eloquent and disturbing. Toni and Grace interview Sara about her book, her life, and her farts.

Sara Barron’s Website

Sara Barron is the author of two essay collections, “The Harm in Asking” and “People Are Unappealing.” Her work has appeared in Vanity Fair, on Showtime’s This American Life, NPR’s Weekend Edition, NBC’s Today Show, and HBO’s comedy festival. She is a frequent host of The Moth: True Stories Told Live.