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In this weeks OverShare Show I interview Rae Dawn Chong – actress, film maker, and daughter of the infamous Tommy Chong from Cheech and Chong. We talk about her childhood with her iconic father, conscious uncoupling, sleeping your way to the top, not sleeping your way to the top, scandals in Hollywood, and everything in-between.

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So what happens to a marriage when you take the idea of cheating off the table? What would your marriage look like without the rigid structure to hold it together?

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In this weeks OverShare show I interview Shoshanna Roberts – the woman from the viral street harassment video entitled “10 hours walking in NYC as a woman”

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In this week’s OverShare Show I interview Michelle Nivert Goodell who is a personal organizer living in New York City. This former Coyote Ugly bartender turned organizer of the stars…

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In this episode we interview MIT professor Sherry Turkle. Sherry is the author of the book “Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each other,” a fascinating take on our modern relationship to technology.

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In this week’s OverShare Show we interview political activist and musician Laura Dawn.

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In this week’s Overshare episode I interview former frat boy turned conscious feminist, Andrew Lohse, about his book “Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy.”

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The Love Junkie

In this episode we interview Bridget Barkan, star of the one woman show “The Love Junkie.” Bridget, started acting at the age of 2, and has been seeking approval ever since.

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Gavin McInnes

In this episode I overshare with author, filmmaker, actor, and cultural finger-bangerer Gavin McInnes.

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Amy Richards

Opting In to Parenthood

In this Episode, I interview Amy Richards, author of the parenting book “Opting in: Having a Child Without Losing Yourself.” Amy is an activist, writer, organizer,art historian, and long time advocate of feminist issues.

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